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Project of Media Institute of public health, aimed at optimizing the actions of medical experts, organizations, press services in the information field.

Main cases

General principles of communication in the information field; a doctor as an expert; a doctor as a speaker; image of a doctor in mass media; features of working with print media, TV channels, radio, Internet publications, blogs; formation of a pool of loyal publications; negative work; medical and media law and ethics.


  • A change in the paradigm of relationships in the patient-society-doctor-state system, where the main link becomes mass media
  • Systemic misunderstanding, lack of lively dialogue between the medical community and journalists, which affects the «coloring» of the entire information field and the perception of patients
  • The abundance of negative materials in the information field, which is associated both with a change in the paradigms of relationships and with an ethical, value crisis in journalism and in society as a whole
  • New requirements for the profession of a doctor (presentation of information, patient orientation, dynamism in communication and obtaining information) make it necessary to obtain special knowledge in the field of communication, journalism, media – these are communication skills with the media, in social networks, with patients

The new course of the School of Doctors seminars is unique and has no analogues, developed by the leading representatives of the media community:

  • Tamara Olerinskaya , medical journalist since 2007, publisher of newspapers, magazines and reference books for the pharmaceutical and medical communities, general readership, director general of Strizh Media Publishing House
  • Fatima Kocheva , NTV Morning Hanging Chef Producer, NTV-TV Egoist Morning Egoist Editor-in-Chief, NTV Commercial Stories Editor-in-Chief, Subbotnik Program Editor-in-Chief, Russia-1 Channel, author, director and chief director of the «Literate» program of Radio «Mayak»
  • Faina Filina , journalist since 2004, Forbes columnist, Communications Director of the SKOLKOVO International Medical Cluster
  • Anna Astakhova , professor, researcher, journalist, editor on the topic «Society» since 1995
  • Anna Plesovskikh , MMIBA effective business communications trainer at the international level, former manager of marketing communications at the ANKOR personnel holding and the external communications department of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «SID&GP» of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, general director of the interdisciplinary association «Pharmprobeg»
  • Varvara Kazhberova , communications expert in the field of public health, former head of the press service of the Russian Ministry of Health, lecturer at Moscow State University, director of the Media Institute of Public Health