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Information flow. The keys to information management in the modern world

We invite you to take part in the second module of the seminar series, «Continuity and consistency of GxP in the pharmaceutical Industry», which will focus on GCP and information flow management in the modern world. During the seminar, participants will get acquainted with the leading experts in GCP, visit the modern center for clinical research, as well as master an intensive training program on the topic: «Information flow. The keys to information management in modern reality».


October 2—4, 2019


st. Bekhtereva, 1

of participation

After successful completion of the seminar and training, participants will receive certificates «Information flow. The keys to information management in modern realities.»

The price includes

  • communication with leading specialists in GCP;
  • visit to the Clinical Research Center;
  • training «Information flow. Keys for managing information in modern realities»;
  • coffee breaks.
Seminar participation fee
20 000 rubles
Attention! Limited number of seats!

of the seminar

October 2, 2019. Day I
  • Greetings from the Director of FGBUN IT FMBA of Russia Ivanov M.B.
  • Greetings from the director of the Eco-Safety Center Vasilyuk V.B.
  • Greetings from the head of the contract research organization X7 Research Simeniva S.Ya.
  • Presentation: «From GLP to GCP – Theory and Practice of Transition.». Speaker: Head of the Laboratory of Drug Toxicology FGBUN IT FMBA of Russia Zaitseva M.A.
  • Presentation of the trainer Plesovskih A.V.

The first element of the training: «Information Society. Theory and practice of information flows»

Within the framework of the first day, the training participants will learn the basics of the concept of the information society: key theories and concepts of the information society, topology and modern models of building the information society. They will also learn about practical mechanisms for working with the information flow: how to check information for reliability, how to distinguish between manipulative information and true information, and how to quickly filter out excess information. Also, the first day of the training will be devoted to the development of practical skills in information management in a rapidly changing information environment and high speed data exchange.

October 3, 2019. Day II
Presentation visit to the Eco-Safety Clinical Research Center.
Presentation: «Good Clinical Practice»

The second element of the training: «Information Security»

On the second day of the training, participants will learn the basic concepts and history of information security, the main methods and means of informational impact on a person, myths as a tool for influencing people, manipulative technologies, the influence of the media on the worldview, the role of advertising in manipulating consciousness, media and health protection.

October 4, 2019. Day III
Visit to the museum of medicine.

The third element of the training: «Keys to information management in modern realities»

On the third day, the training participants will learn how to manage information flows competently in a short time, in practice they will work out the keys to successful work with information, and will reveal the secrets of creating an image and an information image. They will visit the aerodynamic complex FlaArena, where the cultural program will take place and certificates on the successful completion of the training will be awarded.


Anna Plesovskih
Anna Plesovskih
Business coach, general director of the inter-industry association «Pharmprobeg»

Graduated with honors from Novosibirsk State Technical University with a degree in Public Relations. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the media and communications.

In 2006, within the framework of the Novosibirsk city website, NHS (which later became an asset of the Hearst Shkulev Media media holding) was engaged in the development of an Internet resource and advertising on its sites. In 2008, she moved to the personnel holding ANKOR, where she grew up to be the head of the marketing department for Russia with relocation to Moscow (2012) and the manager for marketing communications (2015). In 2017, she came to the Federal State Institution «State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices» of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia as the head of the external communications department. In 2019, she headed the inter-industry association «Pharmprobeg», whose main mission is to attract public attention and popularize key ideas for the development of national health goals.