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About Pharmprobeg

Pharmprobeg is a large-scale campaign, which aims to develop and support the whole chain of the pharmaceutical industry: from manufacturers, distributors, pharmaceutical segment and medical communities and patient organizations.
The main message of Pharmprobeg
Key issues: the decree of The President of the Russian Federation «On national goals and strategic objectives of the Russian Federation for the period of 2024» identified a key priority in the field of health – reducing the mortality rate of different groups of the population. To achieve the set targets, it is important to develop effective mechanisms of drug provision, quality and availability of medicines, to introduce active longevity and national security programs, to identify effective tools for the development of breakthrough technologies and pricing in both the industrial and pharmaceutical segments.


  • To participate in the Pharmprobeg are invited: manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, distributors, representatives of the pharmacy segment and specialized associations.
  • To participate, you must fill out a preliminary registration form, as well as obtain approval from the organizers of the rally.
  • Participants of the Pharmprobeg are given the status of a driver or a participant. At the same time, the participant is a crew member who indicates the state number and brand of the team's car during registration.
  • The main condition for participation is the presence of a car with a driver.
  • A prerequisite is the branding of the vehicle with the symbols of the rally (provided by the organizer).
  • The driver's admission to participation is the presence of a driver's license and driving experience of at least three years.
  • If these conditions are met, the organizer confirms the participation of the vehicle in the column with the appropriate serial number.
The cost of participation in one of the stages of one car
50 000 rubles
The cost of participation in all stages of one car
100 000 rubles