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Media Institute of public health

Media Institute of public health is an independent platform for public dialogue, created to discuss and solve issues related to public health, its information, ethical, deontological aspects, with the participation of public authorities, public organizations, patient associations, representatives of industry and the media.

The mission of the project is to create a value-oriented and responsible information field aimed at preserving and improving the health of citizens.

Among the tasks: formation of public dialogue between departments, public organizations, medical and media communities, representatives of the economic sphere in order to remove contradictions, ensure equal access of citizens to competent and reliable information, improve professional ethics and deontological “pictures of the world”; education of journalists, participants of media communications at all levels, citizens about the systemic aspects of public health; informing medical workers about the main ethical aspects of work with patients, rules of behavior in the information field; creating a media infrastructure of public health in Russia and strengthening the role of the media as the most important stakeholder in the health sector and moderator of related social, political and social processes.

In its activities, the media Institute of public health is based on the understanding of human health as the basic value of society, leading principles and declarations of human rights, ethical norms and values, in particular, the Universal Declaration on bioethics and human rights of UNESCO, the International Declaration of principles of conduct of journalists and International principles of professional ethics of journalists.

The project promotes the development of civil and socially oriented society, strengthening the role of man in all types of communication in the system «state-society-personality», the formation of individual responsibility for health and commitment to the principles of evidence-based medicine, involves people, medical and media communities in the broad social sphere of public health, including political, economic, social, environmental, medical, information and communication aspects. The structure of the media Institute of public health includes Schools of journalists and doctors. The information collected in the process of work will become the basis of a single reliable information resource on public health, the need for which is noted by all participants in this sphere.

The Ministry of health of Russia and the national research Institute of public health have already expressed support for the media Institute of public health and its projects. N. A. Semashko, faculty of journalism, Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, Association of honored doctors of the Russian Federation, public movement «For healthy Russia», all-Russian Union of patients, regional and Federal universities, mass and professional publications, professional associations. Discussion of the ethical code of medical/social journalist was held with the participation of UNESCO Vice-President, academician A. G. Chuchalin.